Digital Art Store

A word from the artist:
First off, I want to give an exponentially huge thank you to the wonderful people at CILM for many years of great service, impeccable professionalism and hands on care. I had great experience with them and if it wasn't for Anthony, I would never have known about the world of PSP tagging. The exposure I got through CILM was priceless, and it's thanks to this exposure that I have the confidence to do this on my own now. I wish the other artists the best of luck at their new companies and I'd like to also give a big thank you to the other companies that have offered to represent me over the last few months. You've made me feel very special, and I'm sorry that I've had to refuse your offers of representation. 
I'm extremely proud of the new artwork that I'm offering here and because I'm doing it all under my own banner, I'm promising to create every image to the best of my ability. I'd also really appreciate any feedback and suggestions for tag art that you might have so please do get in touch by emailing me or posting a comment on my Facebook page!
- Dom

PLEASE READ: I'm looking into some store software at the moment and until then, I'll be sending out the images to you myself until I find a way of automating the process. Due to weird things like sleep, eating and life, please be patient if it takes a few hours to receive your images! Also, if your main email is different from your Paypal account, or if you are not using Paypal for your order, please put the email address where you would like the images sent in the message box during the payment process. 

Licensing: If you are a first time buyer from my tube store, I will provide you with a license number when I send you the link for your images. If you have older artwork from me that you purchased from CILM, you can use this new license number for those tubes as well.

Set0001 - $5.00 (Canadian)

Set0002 - $5.00 (Canadian)

Set0003 - $5.00 (Canadian)

Set0004 - $5.00 (Canadian)

Set0005 - $5.00 (Canadian)

Set0006 - $5.00 (Canadian)